Join us on a deliciously playful journey as we bring the magic of lassi to the masses! Our secret? 100% family farmed Almonds from California's San Joaquin Valley transformed into a small batch almond yogurt base. Plus, each 10 oz. bottle is bursting with over 4 billion CFU of gut-friendly bacteria for some serious digestive goodness!

Our Mission

Every day, we’re weaving a tapestry that celebrates the richness of South Asian flavors intertwined with a soulful, laid back West Coast attitude. We bring people together over refreshing, gut-healthy lassi that boosts creativity and leads us to our greater purpose.

Steel Cup Certified

Lassi is a traditional yogurt-based beverage that holds a cherished place in South Asian culture, with roots dating back to as early as 1000 BC. In our quest to provide an authentic West Coast experience, we have enhanced this traditional drink by creating a 100% plant-based Lassi made with family-farmed California almonds.


California Love

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Crafted from the renowned "King of Mangoes", our Alphonso Mango Lassi is a fan-favorite drink. Now you can savor a vegan-friendly version of the popular Indian restaurant beverage in convenient 10 oz. bottles.  Available in 4 pack.
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Our Pink Guava & Banana Lassi boasts a perfectly balanced blend of sweetness and subtle banana flavor, transporting you to a tranquil, sunny paradise with every sip.  10 oz. bottles that are available in 4 pack.
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Unsure which flavor to try? Our Mix Pack covers both Alphonso Mango and Pink Guava for a delightful dual taste experience.

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